Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply Aubrey Pt. 1

He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face to his. He wrapped his lips around hers and kissed her. Aubrey tried to fight him but she weakened and kissed him back. She felt herself unbuckle his pants, but she did not stop herself. Salim hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt, and she pulled his shirt over his head. She wanted to fight him, but she also wanted him. As they fell onto the couch, she slapped him hard. He hesitated for a moment and then pulled her closer to him. Closer to his manhood. She gasped as he entered her hard and fast. Aubrey couldn’t remember whether she had locked the front door but that did not matter. The man that she loved and searched for so desperately was shifting his love in and out of her quivering love pool. She sunk her fingernails into the flesh of his back pulling him deeper. Deeper into the pool. She wanted him to drown in it. As his body began to tremble, she felt a tingling sensation race up her spine and her back arched. Her breath stuck in her throat and she held to him tightly. He lay still on her breasts that were still wrapped in her lace bra. Her legs twitched and shook as she tried to catch her breath. She had just made love to a man that had left her and returned without a warning. She tried to piece together how she should feel, but the good feeling racing through her bloodstream from the sex wouldn’t let her. Aubrey decided to relax her mind and enjoy the time that Salim expected to stay. She let her fingertips walk up and down his bare and moist back. He gently kissed her shoulder and neck. She had not felt this way in months. She no longer felt alone. This tall, chocolate-covered man loved her. His breathing became steady and he slightly snored. She smiled at the realization that he was asleep. She stared at the ceiling and let out a sigh of relief. She closed her eyes and relaxed.
            But that wasn’t the beginning.

This love affair began on a cloudy day in April years ago. Aubrey Toussaint lay in her bed covered in pillows and soft linens and daydreamed about the day she had met her husband Salim Toussaint. She smiled as she reminisced how nervous they had been on their first date. Now, she lay in their bed alone. He was gone. Aubrey sighed. He had been working longer hours at his job at the community center he owned. She grabbed his pillow and pressed it against her face. She inhaled his scent. It had been a long time since they had spent time together. He never made it home in time for dinner anymore, and he was long gone before she awoke in the morning. All she was left with was a pot of cold coffee. She tossed the pillow to the side and stretched. She loved her husband more than the air she breathed and she couldn’t imagine life without him. She just wished their relationship was like it was when they were just dating; exciting, fun, and fulfilling. Aubrey was younger then. But her looks hadn’t faded. She was a tall, slender woman with dark hair that flowed to the middle of her back. Freckles covered her nose and upper cheeks. Her dark eyes were bold and stunning. Salim had once told her that that feature alone had made him fall in love with her. Salim was a handsome man. He had played football in college and was a regular at the local gym. Aubrey loved when he embraced her with his strong arms. She always rested her head on his brawny chest and became lost in his heartbeat. They were perfect together. They made each other laugh with ease, and they had a love for giving back to their community. Aubrey was a teacher at an elementary school in the neighborhood. They both loved children although they had none of their own. Due to a mishap during an abortion Aubrey had when she was younger, she couldn’t bear children. The moment that the fertility doctor announced that fact to the hopeful couple their world crashed. Curses bounced off the walls for weeks because of their dismay. They weren’t angry at each other. They were upset at the cards they had been dealt. The arguments, the breaking of dishes, and the tears lasted until they were exhausted. Aubrey and Salim realized they were fighting over something that neither one was at fault of.
Aubrey checked her cell phone. She had no missed calls or messages. She sighed looked around their spacious bedroom. They were not rich but they brought enough income home to be comfortable. They purchased their home two years after the nuptials. Aubrey lifted herself from the bed and slipped on her slippers. It was Saturday. She didn’t know whether her husband was at the gym or at the center. She shrugged. She had stopped worrying herself about his whereabouts months ago. She almost didn’t care. Truth was if she ever found out he was unfaithful, she wouldn’t be a law-abiding citizen. Aubrey walked into the kitchen and found a half eaten bagel and a pot of lukewarm coffee. She wondered what he had decided to wear today. She imagined him in a fitted t-shirt and jeans. It was the weekend so she knew he would be casual. She picked up the half eaten bagel and took a bite. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and headed to their den. The thought of cold coffee wasn’t appetizing.  The blinds were still closed so she knew he hadn’t come into that room that morning.  As she walked towards the windows to open the blinds, she noticed Salim’s briefcase was in the same spot he had left it last night. He never went to the center without it. Aubrey frowned. Maybe he was at the gym. She glanced at her watch. It was after ten. Salim didn’t like crowds of people and preferred to work out alone. He wouldn’t be there this late. Just to feed her curiosity she went back to their bedroom. She opened their closet doors and found his gym bag. Aubrey frowned again. Where the hell was her husband? Aubrey took another bite of the bagel. She picked up her phone and dialed his number.

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